Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake with Salted Caramel Icing


As the title implies, this cake is devilishly sinful. This one was made for my Mum’s birthday on Saturday.

Making the salted caramel from scratch takes some time and confidence, but it’s absolutely worth the effort! I used a combination of two recipes, from the Violet Bakery and Stirring Slowly. I am inspired by so many things when it comes to decorating cakes, but it was the beautiful spring weather this weekend which influenced this particular one. Fresh flowers are so simple, but they really elevate the cake.

The trick to any chocolate cake, as with brownies, is to use the best quality, darkest cocoa you can find. I like Green & Black’s, or Bourneville cocoa. It makes such a difference, so it’s always worth spending a little more. I would also recommend using good quality vanilla extract, and you can even make your own by steeping old vanilla pods in vodka.

Traditionally, Devil’s Food Cakes are iced with a dark chocolate icing, but I am a salted caramel fiend. That combination of salt and sweet mixed with the dark chocolate is absolutely dreamy, and everything that I want in a celebration cake.

Happy Monday! Love Becca x


2 Comments Add yours

  1. That is one gorgeous cake!! (:


    1. Becca Bakes says:

      Thank you!


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