Lemon Polenta Cake

This cake is such an understated little beauty. Inspired by this Nigella Lawson number, I’ve made it countless times over the years. It’s definitely become a firm favourite! It’s so different from the more elaborate sponge-buttercream-icing combinations that we tend to favour in the UK (don’t get me wrong, they certainly have their rightful place), and its simplicity only makes it more beautiful. Made with ground almonds and polenta, it’s gluten-free, a bonus for those with intolerances or allergies.

It’s quite similar to a favourite of mine – the lemon drizzle cake. While the cake is still warm and nestled in its tin, you pour over a sharp, sticky lemon glaze. It brings the cake up to a whole new level as the glorious tangy sauce soaks its way in. The polenta brings a certain grainy texture to every bite which is particularly pleasant, especially when eaten with the silky smooth yoghurt. The ground almonds and lemon syrup keep the cake delightfully moist, and yet the cake is still so light. Amazing!

I serve it with some thick Greek yoghurt spread over the top (cream would be nice, but I prefer the additional tang of the yoghurt), and a generous scattering of strawberries and blueberries. Different fruits would work too, but I love the combination of the sweet and sharp berries together with the lemon.

I made this cake for someone who has a very sweet tooth, but he doesn’t favour heavy bakes. He’s also obsessed with lemon, so this went down a treat!

Love Becca x


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